Tenant Representation

We understand that optimizing your office space isn’t just about the tangible benefits – it’s also about the intangible ones.

Our approach starts with independent creative, insightful advice, then matches your vision to the best solution. Our comprehensive services are tailored to your unique project, from strategy and internal preparation to workplace, execution and beyond. Whether you’re approaching a lease expiration or other critical action date, growing your operation or rightsizing, we’re here to help make your workspace work best for you and your team.

Our first step is to understand the full picture, from the attributes you want to the advantages you already have.

We not only learn about your company in depth—from workplace strategy to company culture and goals—but also assess market conditions and incentives. Tapping into advanced data analytics, our consultant-led, transaction services-supported model enables us to identify opportunities to maximize employee engagement with your office space, brand and culture. When we pursue every avenue, we create the flexibility—and the leverage—to maximize your options and give you a comprehensive, actionable business case, whether you decide to renew or relocate.

We work collaboratively to help you develop a strategy for your company.

Because situations change—needs evolve, markets fluctuate—we stay in constant contact throughout the process, sharing insights about market and landlord activity on an ongoing basis. And when change happens, we’re the first to know about it and the first to adapt: We don’t just seize opportunities; we create them.

We also do our homework—we develop a thorough understanding of current and prospective landlords’ financial positions by identifying underlying mortgages, tax burdens, operating expenses and anticipated vacancies throughout a landlord’s portfolio.

Armed with the right information, we’re ideally situated to protect your interests and secure the best advantages, from concessions and amenities to more favorable lease clauses. The same insight means we’re adept at the disposition of excess space, whether through a subleasing strategy or early termination.

When a lease is signed, our work isn’t done. We stay closely connected with our clients throughout the lease term, making sure your needs are met today while keeping our eye on the horizon.

Contact us for more information on how we can help lead you through the entire commercial real estate process with our Tenant Representation Services.