Real Estate Expert Insight: 6 Tips to Create an Innovation Friendly Office

Tue, Nov 15th 2022 07:47pm

Create an inno friendly office that employees will love with these 6 tips from real estate experts. Stay up-to-date on the latest workplace trends, promote a healthy work-play environment, and keep employees engaged by learning from professionals in growing inno-hub cities.

Finding technology, startup, or innovation friendly office space is tough. Leading markets like Chicago, D.C., and Boston are overflowing with space that overwhelms but often under delivers. In hub cities like Buffalo, up and comers are creating examples of some of the best innovation-focused offices in the nation! Incorporate the latest trends, respond to your employees’ needs, and grow your business with these expert real estate insights.

Open floor plan

Growing teams need high levels of interaction. If you can see your coworkers, you’re more likely to communicate. Introduce natural light and offer engaging views. You want your space to be attractive and welcoming, while fostering an environment that strengthens developing teams.

Collaborative workspaces

Private offices have their place, but comfortable, welcoming, and collaborative workspaces are where companies can easily set themselves apart. Make room for small groups to gather and share ideas.

Engage employees

You’re not just creating an office – you’re creating community! Bring the company together regularly though events and programming in your space. Offering flexible scheduling and after-hours events are an additional consideration that can be highly beneficial for employees.


Real estate experts all agree: location is everything! Pick a spot where people want to live, work, and play. You’re looking for proximity to restaurant, retail, residential, and public transit options in growing areas of your city.

Wellness wins

A focus on employee wellness helps support an active and engaged workforce and can include fitness centers, entertainment rooms, or a fully stocked kitchen. Employees that take care of themselves have less down time and a positive outlook.

Modern office furnishings

What you sit on is just as important as where you sit. Think outside the box when it comes to furnishing your office. Seating alternatives, adaptable workstations, and warm lighting are just a few ways to add a modern and inviting touch to the workplace.

Hopefully these quick tips get the ball rolling. Keep the momentum by working with a talented team of real estate professionals. The brokerage team at Newmark Ciminelli work with a number of companies growing their footprint and transforming the way innovation space is viewed in Buffalo, NY. Learn more about our brokerage services and recent transactions.

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