Buffalo, NY Has Recently Risen to the Top of the List for Tech and Startups, But Why?

Over the past five years, Buffalo, NY is one of the primary cities in the United States that has seen substantial growth in tech due to the rush away from overly populated cities, with local tech jobs increasing by 9.2% between May 2021 and April 2022 alone. But what is it about Buffalo that recently landed it a number five spot on the list of fastest growing startup cities in the United States?

Workplace Strategy Dos and Don'ts

Workplace strategy continues to be a focus for companies large and small.  Working to establish policies and programs that support your business, infrastructure, and employees takes a dedicated and positive effort to achieve success.  Hybrid work schedules, technology and the office environment will likely continue to change, but creating your plan and laying a firm foundation, while implementing the proper flexibility now will help ensure your business thrives in these uncertain times. To help guide your strategy and process we’ve compiled a quick list of dos and don’ts.

Hybrid: The Future of Work

“Hybrid workplace,” is a popular phrase amongst office workers, and more recently, it’s creating quite the buzz across the U.S. as companies look to implement hybrid work options more permanently. Many are claiming that hybrid workplace models are the future of work, but hybrid models can be implemented in a variety of ways and often depend on the specific needs of the individual companies adopting them. So, if hybrid is here to stay, what does it really mean and more importantly, how is a hybrid workplace model properly executed?

5 Steps to Defining (or Redefining) Your Workplace Strategy

As all business owners and employees know, the last few years have fundamentally shifted the workplace. As discussed in our last blog, we are entering 2023 with hybrid work schedules becoming the norm among many industries.

Reimagining the Workplace

The modern workplace is continuously evolving. In the past few years, we’ve watched every workplace undergo a series of transformations due to factors that most business owners can’t control, including the pandemic, economic disruptions, automation, and technological advances.

Industrial space is in high demand - but why?

You don’t have to be a real estate insider to know that industrial space is in high demand in the Buffalo-Niagara MSA.

Real Estate Expert Insight: 6 Tips to Create an Innovation Friendly Office

Incorporate the latest trends, respond to your employees’ needs, and grow your business with these expert real estate insights.

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